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8 tips to get to the other side of February

February may have fewer days than any other month, but it sure can feel long. If it has to be, why not make it joyful? Herein, some healthy ideas to keep on keeping on for two more weeks... 


1. Coffee

Some evenings, I go to bed already looking forward to the next day's coffee. No fewer than eleven of my friends admit the same. My opinion? Enjoy that hot, caffeinated liquid goodness; just don't over-ingest. There are worse things you could be doing each morning.


 2. Yoga

Get your body moving. Your outer body will thank you and your subtle body needs it, whether your thinking head realizes it or not. You know how good you feel when you finish vinyasa class? Yeah. That. Going upside-down and sideways, and seeing the world from a different view -- literally -- breaks up the monotony, happily revs your nervous and endocrine systems, improves blood flow, and quite possibly prevents wrinkles.  


3. Spiritual reading and/or a stellar novel

Whatever makes you tick. Bury yourself and enjoy. If you need ideas, here's my list. 

- Recently read: Living Beautifully With Uncertainty and Change, Pema Chodron

- Recently re-read: Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy* 

- In progress: Look At Me, Jennifer Egan

- On tap: Spiritual Bypassing, Robert Augustus Masters.  


4. Put one foot in front of the other

Bundle up and go outside. Run or walk for a few minutes, or a few miles. It's fun to get really cold on the outside and really sweaty on the inside, then come home to a steaming shower. Other benefits: seeing trees, a river, the sky, dogs. 


5. Sephora

New lipstick is no small pick-me-up.**


6. Baking 

This one is obvious. Contrary to popular belief, Christmas is not the time for cookies. Who needs more cookies in December? The time is now. Commit to a whole day messing around with whole wheat pastry flour and shaved dark chocolate. Side benefit: It's nice to have the oven on when it's 30 degrees out.


7. Cat photos



8. Get on a plane and get out of the cold

After thirty-something years, I know this about myself: I get really blue around February, and I feel happier when I go somewhere hot and tropical for a few days. For years, I waited for the right man to sweep me away on a romantic and pineapple-drink-filled Caribbean vacation. This year, I thought ahead, and booked a solo trip for myself to the east coast of Barbados. Rough, rocky beaches, very few tourists, botanical gardens... it was lovely. If a trip out of the country is too much to ponder right now, start thinking about next year. Having something good to look forward to is so important!


* (If you haven't read this, START NOW. Seriously. This book IS about karma, emptiness, and the meaning of life. And it's impossible to put down.)


** I know this one doesn't help if you're a man. I'm sorry.


Tent Bay, Bathsheba, Barbados

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