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2016 wasn't all bad

Dear readers,
As I look through so many posts and rants about what an epic nightmare 2016 was, I feel the need to point out what was good and beautiful this year, as well. The world hurts. We hurt. But at the very same time, we can shine, give, love, and appreciate. 
Please join me in a wish for peace for all beings, an acceptance of what is and what we can do differently, and a commitment to do our work, each of us, to "be the change" we wish to see.
Now, a list of some personal moments from 2016 (no particular order) for which I am grateful. I invite you to make your own. 
With love, 
1. I celebrated my first full year with Parker, my parkour-practicing, ear-licking, crazy little tortoiseshell feline.
2. I visited Grenada, a little piece of paradise, with my honey. We swam and sunned. We met lovely people and good dogs. 
3. I ate comforting vegetarian meals and drank delicious wine at local restaurants like Heidi's, Lido, Felice, Boqueria, and Uva, where I am so thankful to always feel at-home and nurtured. 
4. I had the honor of running a 16K race at Save the Chimps, part of it actually within their sanctuary home in Florida. What an incredible place. What beautiful beings.
5. I finally saw the holiday train show at the New York Botanical Garden. It's a wonder of nature and feat of human creativity. 
6. Several dear friends had dear babies. Evie, Linnea, Alessio, I'm looking at you, kids. You give me hope.
7. I found even more depth and love in certain friendships. I am fortunate to know kind, courageous, bad-ass, and wicked smart women. (Friends, if you are reading this and think I might be talking about you, I'm sure I am.) 
8. Halloween offered a perfect reason to channel my inner discus fish and wear turquoise sequins.
9. I told my mom "I love you" as many times as I could. 
10. I played Kadima on a gorgeous shoreline. Neither seagulls nor the ocean waves stole our ball. 
11. Four cakes were made in my kitchen for four birthdays. Chocolate, hazelnut, sprinkles, lemon, vanilla,  buttercream, lots of layers... 
12. I went for god-knows-how-many solo runs, mostly in Central Park, on Randall's Island, and along the East River. These miles are my everyday meditations, my reminders that I am strong and capable, my time to be near trees and water. 
A view from the Chimpathon 16K at Save the Chimps Sanctuary in Fort Pierce, Florida. 
The best tour guides at La Sagesse beach in Grenada. 
View from Randall's Island, NYC. 


Lemon vanilla layer cake.


Lady Parker. 



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